Chevy S-10 Solid Axle Hanger Kit

$ 279.00

Part Number: CHEVY-SAS-S10

What it is:

Sky's Off Road Design Chevy S-10 Blazer/Pickup solid axle conversion leaf hanger kit. Kit requires welding and fab skills as well as general knowledge of leaf spring suspension systems.

This kit will hang the front axle, it does not address the rest of the steps included (ie. driveline, extended brake lines, and steering)

What it fits:

- Kit will fit all 2wd and 4wd S-10 platform vehicles.


Whats needed:
-  Axle:

Designed for 31.5 spring pin  center axles, ( 67-88 Chevy, 77-79 Ford, Spring over Jeep Wagoner).

-  Leaf Springs:
Domestic leaf springs, common 2.5 wide domestic springs such as Rancho Jeep Wagoner 44044, Chevy truck after market front springs, and Jeep Wrangler springs.

Springs should be between 45-47 inch's in length. Longer springs such as rear Chevy 52's can be used but the front frame rails will need a 2x4 tube welded across them to support the leaf hanger.

- If you're running longer shocks we recommend Front Shock Hoops.

- Bilstein shocks

- Chevy Steering
We can custom build most any steering kit to fit your needs if you cant find it here

Whats included in this kit:

1 - Front Hanger

2 - Rear Shackle Hangers

2 - Shackles

4 - Bushings

2 - Sleeves for shackle hangers

2 -  9/16"x4.5" bolts

2 - 9/16" lock nuts

4 - 9/16" Washers

4 - 1/2"x5" Bolts

4 - 1/2" lock nuts

8 - 1/2" washers


Kit is weld on and can be used on many other applications, this will be up to the customer to determine if it will work your needs. Sky's has not tried this kit on other vehicles though many customers have used them on Ford Rangers and Explorers.

Front hanger is laser cut cnc formed 1/4 inch outer's with 3/16ths inner cross member. Shackle hangers are our heavy duty design, fully boxed and tig welded. Shackle plates are 5/16ths laser cut plate, 4.25 eye length.

For install info check out our S-10 build in the Pictures/Installs section to the left of our site.
Also check out the Almighty Dime build
Off Road Magazine S-10 build

A basic idea on how we install these kits, The best way to do this is to install the springs on the axle, then the hangers on the springs, then set the vehicle on the hangers and figure where you want you axle center line to be. Then tack hangers in place and set weight on the springs. If this is the location you want, then fully weld. If it needs moved, now is the time.

Will your S10 Solid axle hanger kit work on ZR2 S10 Blazers? I know one other kit I looked at from another company did not

    Yes, its fairly universal being weld on. The key is the rear shackle hangers, you will need to get a angle iron plate to weld inside the frame to move the point where they mount inboard.