98-Up Chevy SAS kit for 99-04 Ford Super Duty Axles

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Part Number: CHEVY-SAS-SD

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Chevy 1500 w/ a Ford KingPin 60 (perches moved out to 37.5")

What it is:   Chevy SAS ( Solid Axle Swap ) kit for installing 99-04 Ford Dana 50-60 solid axles.

What it fits:   Will fit newer Chevy trucks, 98-UP ***with an inner frame rail at shackle mount point dimension of 38.5 inch****, Mostly 2500 3/4 ton and 3500 1 ton. Some 1/2ton with 38.5 inner frame rail. Not the 4" thicker 1/2 ton frames.

- 47" Chevy 73-87 front leaf springs with a width at the bushing of 3.625. We have had some customers who have successfully fit 99-04 SuperDuty springs by moving the SAS hangers forward and rearward on the frame.

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Kit is weld on, will require drilling the frame for the tube needed going through to hang shackles. Picture shown of how the shackles will sit. This will require basic geometry skills to square the hanger to the frame and shackles.

Kit will add 6" of lift over the springs. A stock spring will give you 6" of lift, and so on.

Ford super duty axle will require either swapping the rear 10.5 Sterling axle in place of existing axle or changing bolt pattern on the front axle from metric pattern to 8x6.5.

Laser cut and CNC formed PnO steel, made in the USA!

 Front leaf hanger is 3/16th steel with a 3/16th skeleton brace, making it effectively 1/2" plate strength. Shackles are 3/8ths plate. Frame tube is 2.25x.250 wall DOM.  Kit uses a special machined UHMW bushing and 3/4" bolt for the frame tube for long life, and less bushing sway.

This is a DIY kit, the simple way to install it is to bolt the kit, to the leaf springs, to the axle. Make sure you have them fairly square, then set axle under the truck. Determine where you want the tire to sit in the fender well and tack front hanger in place. Next set frame tubes directly under the frame with shackle vertical. The frame tube should be positioned through the frame at this vertical point, with 1"-1 1/2" of space from bottom of frame to the bottom of the tube. Tack tubes in place and set weight on the axle to double check position. Shackle should sit slightly rear ward, 15* and axle should be where it is desired.  If you are not satisfied with either the shackle angle or tire location,  cut tack welds and adjust.

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