Chevy Solid Axle Swap Shackle Hangers

$ 139.00

Part Number: CHEVY-SASFSH-001
Chevy solid axle front spring shackle hangers, positioned inside frame, shackle/springs/axle installed.
Part # Chevy-SASFSH-001 Price $135 Pr.

Fits Chevy and Ford full size axles, 31.5 spring perch center axles, under 88-97 Full size trucks with 39.5 frame rail spacing. Hangers are designed around Sky's SAS kit, which uses Chevy front leaf springs, that measure 3.525-3.75 overall width at the bushing.

These are designed around our shackles, which are 3.5" wide at the bushing end.

Spacers can be used to fit many variations of springs, customer will need to provide correct option.

Hangers have a 9/16ths bolt eye.

Shackles for the above $99 a pair + shipping.
Includes poly bushings.
Fits Chevy 1973-88 leaf springs with 9/16ths bolt eye.