Corporate 14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Brackets

A simple disk brake bracket that allows the end user to install vented disk brakes on their Corporate 14 Bolt SRW rear axle. Brackets are sold in pairs!

You will need to supply rotors, calipers, and brake lines. Calipers from a 73+ Chevy 3/4 ton, and rotors from a 4wd 73+ Chevy truck. The caliper from Raybestos is FRC4072 and 4071. The rotor is Raybestos 5014R. The options for simple brake lines are to reuse the factory metal hard line and the new caliper soft line, loop the metal, connect the 2. These brackets will fit a 15" rim with 3.5" or less backspacing, with minor grinding to the caliper.

Kit fits Corporate 14 bolt axles with studs that press through the drum, not slide on drum axles or 6 - 8 lug semi floating axles. The common years are 73-87 trucks, 8 lug only, generally fit. There are some gray area's, 86-87 for some reason had some slip on drum axles we have encountered. Double check your axle to be sure. These will not work on a dually DRW axle.

Sky's is the first company that has eliminated the spacer design of disk brake brackets, this design has failed under extreme braking due to extra force put on the bolts through the use of spacers. With our new design you can even reuse your stock bolts, although we include new ones for safety and ease of installation.

Many people have asked about the forming process of our brackets. CNC forming these brackets allows us to hold a .006 tolerance, much more precise than the axle housing flange on the Corp 14 bolt axle. The floating caliper that is used allows about .090 of movement. These are plain and simply the cleanest tightest brackets on the market, short of billet machined versions. Currently over 2100 sets have been sold, with 0 problems due to the forming of the bracket. Some other companies sell formed brackets also, there tolerances are no where near ours, hence the lower cost.