Dana 44 High Steer Knuckle Machining (Ford-Chevy-Dodge-Scout)

Note: Please do not ship us knuckles with steering arms or steering arm studs still attached, we do not offer services for removing these items. 

Machining of your Dana 44 knuckle will include fly cut surface machine on our vm30 cnc, drilling on 9/16ths stud bore's, and tapping for 9/16ths hardware.

We match machine work to factory Dana specs, all Dana 3 stud pattern arms will fit.

Sky's has machined over 2400 knuckles to date, with zero incorrect machining, beware of back yard shops that say they can, we have repaired a few of these, most are just scrap metal! We hold a .005 tolerance on these, which match's our steering arms, so it has to be correct to work!

Dana 44 knuckles must be flat top and open knuckle live spindle design to be machined. Closed knuckle king pin designs there are no options for. There are no options for unit bearing Dana 44 knuckles such as mid 80's Dodge.

Removal of ball joints and spindle studs is so we can perform the needed machine work. Our process of removing joints and studs will destroy them, and they will be scrapped. If you wish to keep your joints, find a local auto repair facility to remove them before sending your knuckle to us.


1. Order the machining job on our web site.  The shipping you are charged is the return shipping cost, you will need to cover shipping to us as well.

2. Remove your ball joints and spindle studs. There is an additional charge if you want us to remove them.

3. Package up your knuckle without steering arms or steering arm studs.

4. Clearly mark the box with your order number, full name and phone number.

5. Mail your knuckle to:

Sky Manufacturing
3580 Marcola Rd.
Springfield, OR 97477

6. We will machine it and mail it right back out to you!

***Our current turn around is aprx 2 weeks. This depends highly on volume of knuckles received and when its effective to set up machines to machine them ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it!

Key way is cool, quality is cool, price is cool.

Excellent communication on my order!

Hi, Micah. We strive to not only provide great product and service, but also to be some of the coolest people to work with. I'm glad we could help you with your knuckle.

Joshua M

Sky did a great job on my flat top knuckle. I also bought the steering arm with it and everything worked very well. The knuckle was machined and shipped in a very reasonable time frame. I am very pleased with it and have another high steer project coming up and will not hesitate to use them again.