Dana 44 High Steer Knuckle Machining Ford Chevy Dodge Scout

$ 45.00

Part Number: DANA-44MK-001
Please refer to the current lead times noted on our home page at the top under "current shipping lead time". This is accurate for knuckle machining. 

Since 1998, Sky's can machine your Dana 44 knuckles to accept our Dana 44 High Steer arms!

Machining of your Dana 44 knuckle will include fly cut surface machine on our vm30 cnc, drilling on 9/16ths stud bore's, and tapping for 9/16ths hardware. Our in house tests have shown the 9/16ths with key way option to be 35-40% stronger

We match machine work to factory Dana specs, all Dana pattern arms will fit.

Note: Please remove your ball joints and spindle studs...There will be a $15 fee for knuckles sent with ball joints and spindle studs for removal in our air press... This will destroy them both, and we will scrap them. Expect a bare knuckle returned.
If you need to purchase new studs and ball joints we can supply them if needed.

Sky's has machined over 2400 knuckles to date, with zero incorrect machining, beware of back yard shops that say they can, we have repaired a few of these, most are just scrap metal! We hold a .005 tolerance on these, which match's our steering arms, so it has to be correct to work!

Dana 44 knuckles must be flat top and open knuckle to be machined. Closed knuckle king pin designs there are no options for.


1. Order the machining job on our web site. $45 plus shipping for standard machining, $55 plus shipping for keyed machining.

2. Package up your knuckle without ball joints or spindle studs.

3. Clearly mark the box with your order number, full name and phone number.

4. Mail your knuckle to:

Sky Manufacturing
3580 Marcola Rd.
Springfield, OR 97477

5. We will machine it and mail it right back out to you!

***Please note, our knuckle machining shop only operates Monday through Thursday. No knuckle machining happens on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If your knuckle arrives to us on Thursday afternoon, it will not be ready to ship until Wednesday of the following week, depending on current lead time***

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