Dana 44 High Steer Arm

This Dana 44 high steer arm is 7/8" of an inch taller than a standard Dana 44 steering arm, putting the TOP of these arms at 1.875" from the top of your flat-top knuckle. It has been designed and machined out of ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel to fit leaf sprung vehicles, without the use of spacers. It retains a short stud as well, making the install stronger than long stud kits. The arms are available in a long passenger side 2 hole, and a short single hole driver side. Arms are tapered for Chevy/GM tie rod end taper on tie rod and drag link positions. Common ends are 2010L-2234R. They install using factory style conical washers, These arms have the correct parallel angle machined to set the tie rod surface flat with the axle.

We can machine your flat top knuckle to accept the high steer arm.

Steering arm dimensions 4 3/4" from center stud to tie rod eye, 7 1/8" from center stud to drag link eye.


Apply red Loctite to the short side of the studs and thread them in hand tight.

Install steering arm, cone washers and stover nuts

Torque to 90-110 Ft/Lb (factory Dana 44 spec)

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