Dana 60 15" Wheel 8 Lug Front Disc Brake Brackets

$ 89.00

Part Number: Dana-60-15-8

What it is: Disc brake bracket for Gm Dana 60 front axle to use 3/4 ton Dana 44 8 lug donor parts. We commonly use 1976 as a base year. The caliper from Raybestos is FRC4072 and 4071. The rotor is Raybestos 5014R.

What it does: Allows the consumer to run a 15" 8 lug wheel on a Dana 60 without expensive custom hubs and Wilwood calipers. Also drops a considerable amount of weight by them selves. Standard back space of 3 3/4" or less required.

What you need: Dana 60 GM or Dodge axle, live spindle. 1976-1992 GM. Most Dodge axles from 80-92. Will not fit Ford 5 stud spindles. 1976 era GM 3/4 Rotors, calipers, pads, etc.

Brackets are laser cut and CNC formed 3/8ths PnO steel, formed left and right hand, caliper bolt holes are pre threaded.