Dana 60 Ball Joint Steering Arm Install Kit

5 stud chromoly Dana 60 ball joint steering arm install kit for 92-04 Ford Dana 60 knuckles with Sky's machining and steering arms.


  • 5 9/16" chromoly studs
  • 5 chromoly conical washers,
  • 5 stover lock nuts

The fact is, stock Dana studs were not designed for extreme use.

So we grabbed some chromoly bar and started making our own studs.

We start by cutting and threading the material, then it goes to heat treat for through hardening and then a black oxide coating is applied. The studs have a tensile strength of aprx 190kpi.

Conical washers were another hard to find item. We made our own, also out of chromoly. These conical washers will not distort like factory softer versions.

Made in the USA!.