Ford Dana 60 Ball Joint Knuckle Machining

Sky's can machine your ball joint Dana 60 Ford knuckle to fit our 5 stud stepped steering arms.

Late 92-04 Ford Ball Joint 60 axles, including the Super Duty 99-04 F-250 and F-350 Dana60/50.

The high steer conversion will not fit the F-250 and 350 trucks without at least 6" lift, due to engine cradle interference. Modifying the cradle will allow use of the high steer system.


Do not send in knuckles that have already been machined or welded on.
Removal of ball joints and spindle studs is so we can perform the needed machine work. Our process of removing joints and studs will destroy them, and they will be scrapped. If you wish to keep your joints, find a local auto repair facility to remove them before sending your knuckle to us.


1. Order the machining job on our web site for each knuckle you are sending us. $133 plus shipping for machining on each knuckle.

2. Package up your knuckle(s) with joints and spindle studs removed.

3. Clearly mark the box with your order number, full name and phone number.

4. Mail your knuckle to:

Sky Manufacturing
3580 Marcola Rd.
Springfield, OR 97477

5. We will machine it and mail it back to you! If you order a steering kit with other parts, we will not ship the additional parts without your knuckle due to shipping cost factored as a complete order and inventory issues.

***Our knuckle machining shop only operates Monday through Thursday. No knuckle machining happens on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If your knuckle arrives to us on Thursday afternoon, it will not be ready to ship until Wednesday of the following week, depending on current lead time***