85-97 Ford F-350 4x4 Adjustable Panhard Trac Bar

$ 139.00

Part Number: FORD-APB-001-Bushing-Raw

Sky's Off Road 85-97 Ford F350 4x4 Adjustable Pan hard Bar. Also know as a Track Bar.

Great kit to combine with the Sky Manufacturing Ford Front Shackle Reversal for final alignment of the axle.

Bar either comes with poly bushings or chrome moly heim joints.  You will feel increased road vibration with heim joints, but they will last longer.

To check alignment a pair of plumb bobs on a string across the hood will tell you exactly how far off you are. Factory Fords we have seen up to a 3/4 inch.

Heavy wall 1.125 x .250 wall D.O.M tube, Moog Polyurethane bushings, comes as raw steel.

3/4 RH and LH threads, not welded bungs, this decreases chances of welds failing.

Machined wrench flat to help adjust the bar.

Threaded ends will adjust out to 1 1/2". Bar is factory length fully collapsed.  Combined with our pan hard drops you can correct for a 6" lift.

This bar is also considered a Ford Heavy Duty Track Bar.

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