85-97 Ford F-350 4x4 Adjustable Panhard Trac Bar

-Adjustable panhard bar to locate the axle underneath the truck

-Replaces factory non-adjustable bar

-Improved steering feel from less side to side axle movement.

-Heavy wall 1.125 x .250 wall D.O.M tube


-Truck: 85-97 F-350 or Solid Axle Converted F-250

-Axle: 85-97 Ford Dana 60

Additional Information:>

Threaded ends will adjust out to 1 1/2". Bar is factory length fully collapsed.  Combined with our pan hard drops you can correct for up to a 6" lift.

At 6"+ of lift we recommend our Crossover Panhard Kit and Crossover Steering

You will feel increased road vibration with heim joints, but they will last longer.

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