92-97 Ford F-250/350 - SuperDuty Axle Conversion PanHard Kit

-Aids in Superduty axle swaps by offering a solution for the panhard mount being in front-of-the-axle. (Instead of the factory 85-97 behind-the-axle mounts on 85-97 Dana 60's)

-Allows use of Superduty Dana 50/60 factory panhard mount

-Designed for 2-4" lifts, can work up to a 6" but we recommend our crossover panhard kit at that height.

-Larger lifts will need our Crossover Panhard and Crossover Steering kits.


-Truck: 92-97 Ford F-350 or Solid Axle Converted F-250 (Can be used with 80-91 trucks with some additional shimming / fabrication)
-Axle: 99-04 Ford Superduty Dana 50/60

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