Ford Axle Relocation Plates

Ford Dana 60 3" front or rear axle relocation plates. Works with any axle that uses a 3" wide spring. Can be shaved down to fit a 2.5 spring as well.

What they do: Move axle either rearward or forward 5/8ths or 3/4 inch depending on which way the bracket is installed.

3 inch wide, 3/8 steel, laser cut and welded. 5/8ths axle pin.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I ordered these almost 3 months ago through complete performance and still have not received them. Complete performance gets them from sky. I have emailed and they just say backorderd

We're Sorry to hear you have not received these parts which we have readily available and in stock, but we are not Complete Performance and have no control over when they send us orders placed through their company. When ordering from a Dealer, you will get a delay in shipment.

Harry Enhung
Cameron Stegall is an idiot

If you move your axle along your spring, yes your spring plate will need to be drilled or replaced with a plate that has corresponding holes.

Cameron Stegall
Don’t work without effort

These will NOT work without modifying the u-bolt bracket because they change the geometry of the u-bolts. It forces the front u-bolt against the leading edge lip of the bracket and won’t just fit on. If you want to drill out the bracket for the spring pack bolt, it would probably work, but expect time and effort and grinding/drilling. But I’m out at this point. Just tossed them.

These are designed to work with our spring plates that have three holes drilled in them to match and allow the use of these. Otherwise you will need to drill new holes in your spring plates.