88-04 Ford Dual Link Traction Bar System

Traction bars are built to order, allow 1 week for fab, additional week for powder coat.

-A traction bar system designed for function and looks. Put lost power to the ground!

-Helps eliminate axle wrap in stock to highly modified trucks. High horse power engines, big lifts, and soft suspensions all benefit from a traction bar system.


-Trucks: 88-97 F-250/350    99-04 SuperDuty F-250/350 Excursion

Will fit many others. Axle brackets are designed around a 3.5 inch axle tube. Dana 80 DRW is 4" will require cutting axle mounts to fit.


2 non triangulated traction bars, 1 per side of the vehicle, 2 bolt on frame brackets, and 2 weld on axle brackets. Kit traction bars are based on vehicle length.

Additional Information:

If you're planning on towing an overloaded bumper pull trailer we highly recommend airbags.  The excess tongue weight will flex the brackets on the frame as the suspension is cycling and ruin them. Any trailer over 2500 pounds, 500 tongue weight will require air bags. These bars are not adding towing capacity, they are to control unloaded axle wrap.

Sky's Traction bar kit will help many vehicles by controlling the wrap of the axle, and fatigue on the leaf springs. Traction bars can save fuel by getting power to the ground, restores traction by not allowing leaf twist. They can even help save tires by less slip on the road under take off, such as hard acceleration from a stop light.

Design of the system is slightly unique as the bars are moved outside the frame in order to line up directly under the leaf springs. This helps control axle walk common to single bar systems mounted under the frame and inside the leaf springs.

Bars use polyurethane bushings and 9/16ths bolts. Brackets are laser cut CNC formed a36 PO steel in 1/4 and 3/16ths thickness. Link bars are 2" x .120 round tube with 2.25 x.250 wall DOM bushing casings.

Powder coat is only offered on the traction bars, brackets are not powder coated because they can be welded to the frame. Traction bars are built to order, this means are non refundable without a restock fee from the minute they are ordered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brock Barbey
Very Heavy Duty. Wonderful Product Love the look.

These Traction Bars are a life saver for my truck. They are the best out there for the money. They completely got rid of all Axle Rap and made the truck feel a lot more sturdy. I would buy these twice over if I needed to. I plan to buy products from Sky if I need them. Overall a Wonderful product for the money. Simple install if you know what you are doing. My truck now does great launches and burnouts. Thank you SKY for making a great product.

Dan Simmons
High quality

Excellent quality for the money. Very simple install, on and off the throttle is smooth as silk now. Look great too. Less than half the price of most kits available.

Yet another well made product!

I ordered a set of these for my 91 f350 crew cab and I'm very pleased with them. Not only are they well made, but they make the truck more enjoyable to drive. Acceleration without the rear axle wrap is beneficial but since I'm using full 10" lift springs the truck feels a lot more stable on the freeway during lane changes since they greatly stabilize the rear axle. As an added bonus they give your truck an aggressive look. Excellent quality , great price and easy installation , you definitely can't go wrong with this product!