Shock Towers Single and Dual

Our Ford shock brackets have become popular for many other applications. They are almost universal in nature. Choose Single or Dual shock option.

Additional Information:

-Shock mounts fit the contour of the fender well. 

-Adds 1 inch of shock height over stock Ford tower.

- Includes hardware to install shocks

-Upper Dual Shock Mounts Accept an Eb1 style 5/8ths shock eye.

-Upper Single Shock Mounts Accept 1/2" Shock eye

-Upper Dual Shock Mounts Fit shocks 2" or smaller in diameter.

-Upper Single Shock Mounts Fit 2.5" or smaller in diameter.

-Both Upper Mounts are 15" OAL

-Bare pickled and oiled 1/4" steel


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