85-97 Ford Brake Lines - Extended, Super Duty Conversion


High quality stainless brake lines designed with a metric sized banjo fitting to fit calipers from 99-17 while still fitting 85-97 calipers as well.

  • Recommended for lifts 3" and up
  • Necessary for Super Duty axle swaps
  • For 05+ coil sprung axles check these out


Front Lines:

(Sold as a pair)

92-97 Front includes 1 return style upper fitting and 1 straight.

85-91 Front includes 2 straight fittings

Rear Line:

Sold as a single line to extend from frame to axle

-Truck: 85-97 F-350 and F-250

-Axle: 85-17 Ford TTB or Solid Axle

  • 85-97 F-250 TTB
  • 85-91 Dana 60 Kingpin Axles
  • 92-97 Dana 60 Balljoint
  • 99-04 Dana 50/60 Balljoint
  • 05-17 Dana 50/60 Coil Sprung

Brake line layers are Teflon-Rubber-Stainless Braid-Plastic Protective outer shell

Lines are made in the USA, DOT approved and each line is pressure tested for safety.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
decent product

I purchased these to do the coil spring 4wd conversion on my 1995 f250 using 2008 f250 axles. These brake lines are made of good quality it appears, but there is something to be desired. The lines bolted up to the calipers and axle just fine, however the front lines don't have the hardline at the caliper connection, and the line is just out in space instead of being close to the caliper. The 20" wheels I am using don't create an issue, but using the stock 17" wheels may create a rubbing issue between the line and the wheel. The rear line from the frame to the axle connection has a little to be desired as well. The block that bolts to the axle is too close to the axle to use a Line wrench properly. The factory line has ~1/2" standoff to get the block spaced away from the axle and a line wrench works like it should.

Overall good product, but would probably look other places or have lines fabricated at local shop if I needed them again.