85-91 Old School OBS Ford F-350 2" Front Shackle Reversal

$ 299.00

Part Number: FORD-FSROB-002PN-NoPanHard

Sky's is proud to announce the sequel to our extremely popular Ford Front Shackle Reversal line! Its been 3 years in the making, countless frames used for mock up, and many nights scratching our heads....

The Sky's 1985-1991 Ford F-350 Front Shackle Reversal Kit in 2" lift.

What it is:

Sky Manufacturing's newest addition to the Ford Front Shackle Reversal line. Ford 1985-1991 F-350 4x4 shackle reversal. This kit provides much better ride than stock by eliminating the weak front shackle bushing, and by moving the shackle to the rear of the leaf spring like it should be as to deflect impacts of harsh road driving. Kit uses the factory length leaf springs 52".

What it does:

Reverses shackles from front of the vehicle leaf to the rear of the front spring. This ties the front of the frame together with a fully fabricated hanger system that keeps the frame solidly tied together side to side, and eliminates weak failure prone stock shackles with "sway bar link" sized bushings. Gives you a 2 " lift with trimming the factory rear frame mount down 1". It will yield a 2.5" lift if you don't trim the shackle hanger.

What it fits:

1985 to 1991 Ford F-350 4x4 strait axle trucks.  Will fit F-250 4x4 with TTB drop brackets from Tough Country, part # 20852. Kit uses the 52" 80-97 Ford leaf springs, will not fit 99-04 Super duty springs. We also offer a new bump stop shock relocation bracket for those who have previously upgraded shocks before installing a shackle reversal. The Ford EBSM Here!

When installing on a 2wd, you will need the FORD-FSSH-002 shackle hanger.


Included in this kit:

1 - Front Hanger
4 - 1/2" x 20 x 4.5" Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 1/2" x 20 x 1.5" Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 5/8" x 20 x 4.5" Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 9/16" x 18 x 5.5" Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Spring)
2 - Inner Frame Plates (Weld-on)
2 - Shouldered Frame Sleeve
2 - Shackles
2 - 9/16" x 18 x 5" Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Spring)
4 - Bushing halves
2 - Sleeves

***********F-350 ONLY***********
1 - Panhard Bar (**F-350 Only**)
2 - Heim Joints (or poly bushings) with Jam Nuts
4 - Heim Misalignment Spacers

This kit involves welding. Two inner frame box plates get welded to the inside of the frame in the front to provide a solid mounting point. Kit is shipped raw steel.

The pictures show basically everything needed. Remove the stock shocks if replacing, trac-bar will need at least 1 end bolt removed, and since its being replaced, might as well just remove it.

The machined metal sleeve will require drilling the outer factory shackle bolt hole on the outside of the frame to 7/8". This sleeve will sit flush and is now a pinch point that will allow correct bolt torque. This will allow the hanger to fit the frame rails tightly. This will fit the 5/8" bolt that would fit in the factory shackle upper location. The frame box plate will line up with the hanger at this point, I weld it in once attached to the hanger in the correct position. To make sure the front hanger is aligned measure from the front spring eye to the factory rear spring hanger eye 51.5". Remove hanger and fully weld frame box. Drill 1/2" holes using the hanger or the frame box as a jig.

Move to the rear shackle hangers. The kit is capable of 2 lift heights depending on this next step. You can choose to not modify the factory leaf spring hanger, and get a 2.5" lift. If your set on the 2" lift, you will need to re-drill the 9/16" bolt hole up 1" from stock and trim the hanger to clear the shackle. There is a template for this in the pictures. At this point bolt everything together and install, adjust new trac-bar. Install new shocks if desired.

We have had a few customers with worn out spring bushings and sliders have issues with clearing the shackles on the 2" FSR kits with the military wrap. The fact is, you need quality to spec parts to make this work. We have added some info here to solve this issue. See info here. We now offer a factory rubber style bushing and spring slider combo kit to help solve problems of finding the " Standard Ford Spring Rebuild Kit" as most knowledgeable spring and alignment shops call it. A final step is to make sure your 2nd leaf is actually strait with the main leaf.

Customers have asked about a rear lift to get the truck level, we have both the 6" block kit Ford-RBL-006 and a 2" rear shackle flip kit. Ford-RFK-004.

Many customers have asked about a "Super Duty" leaf conversion for these trucks. The problem is, these trucks are known as the "Pug Nose" for a reason. There is simply not much frame up front and the bumper is pushed very close to the core support unlike 92-97 trucks with about 6" of bumper and frame. This makes pushing the spring leaf eye forward the needed 4+ inch's basically impossible without loosing the bumper or a large amount of lift.

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