92-04 Ford F-250/350 4x4 6" Block/Ubolt Kit.

$ 219.00

Part Number: FORD-RBL-006

What it is:

 92-04 Ford F-250 F-350 4x4 6" Tall Rear Block and U-bolt kit.

What it does:
Replaces the factory F-350 4" block providing you with 2" of lift.  Blocks will fit F-250 as well and will provide 3" lift.

The blocks are machined with a 4* taper to aid in drive line angle correction. Blocks are built to mimic factory blocks bump stop leg. These blocks have a captured U-bolt design to keep bolts from possibly spreading on the axle and have multiple spring pin positions. 5/8" pin.

What it fits:

Designed for the 92-04 F-250/350 trucks, but will fit most every application using a 3" wide spring and a 3.5" axle tube. WE have also used them on the older trucks with a 3.125 axle tube. This can be 78 up through the leaf sprung Super Duty.

Whats recommended with this kit:

- Generally we use these blocks to level out trucks with our Front 4" Ford shackle reversal using front 99-04 SuperDuty Springs 

- Rear SuperDuty Conversion Shackles

-They can also be paired with the 3" front shackle reversal

Blocks are 3/8ths laser cut PO steel top and bottom plate, with laser cut, cnc formed tig welded center "block". Bump stop tabs are laser cut cnc formed 1/4 PO steel.


"Sky, I received the 6" Ford rear lift blocks today. You've succeeded where many have failed. You've impressed me. Nice work. A breath of fresh air in the aftermarket community. The person who welded these up is an artist amongst his trade. If you ever let him go, send him my way; I'll hire him.

Not sure how you're making any money off of these. With all that went into manufacturing these blocks, I'd be hard pressed to make them any cheaper myself. Glad I didn't try. Yours turned out perfect.

Very much appreciated,


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