78-97 Ford 4x4 2" & 4.5" Rear Shackle Flip Kits

- Rear shackle flip kits position the shackle downward in order to allow the rear leaf springs to follow a more natural arc instead of fight the leaf spring under compression.

-Noticeable ride improvement.


-Truck: 78-97 Ford F-250/350, 92-18 E-350,  80-96 Bronco/F-150
-Spring: Kits fit the 3.5" overall width spring.


-Includes rear hangers and hardware for rear bolting hangers to frame. 

-Sold in a set to replace each side of the vehicle.

-Hangers use factory bolts to attach hanger-shackle.

Additional Information:

These kits fit the 80-97 Ford F-250-350 platform, and can be modified to fit the Bronco / F-150 by re-drilling the frame mounting bolt holes.

We also offer Heavy Duty Stock Replacement Shackles and 1" Lift Shackles as well

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Work on Vans too

Used on my 2010 E350. The 4.5" kit gave me 3.5" of lift. Very pleased with the results. Had to use a 6deg. shim to correct the differential angle. Very good product. Easy to install.

Awesome, glad to hear it! We will be making an E350 section on the website as all the rear suspension parts for the OBS F350 work on the E350 as well and within the next year we hope to develop some kits for the front as well.

Rob Ferreira
Why can't they get it right?

All these warnings about moving the axle forward, changing pinion angles, I just can't understand why they design something that doesn't just bolt on and work

My truck is completely stock and the shackle flip moved my axle 2 inches forward and made my pinion angles not drivable.

Now I have to do a whole bunch of other custom work to make the truck usable again. Sure it's a quality product but there's no research and development behind it.

We apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced. We've been working on improving our website so customers are able to find the info they are looking for. We have added easy access tabs with clearer instructions. Per the Installation tab, it reads: 'Pinion angle should be checked after installation, corrected if needed. Axle center line may have moved forward from stock.'

Andrew Imhof
Perfect fit!

I bought the 4.5" shackle flip to go with my 5" front shackle reversal and used a 1/2" lift block and my 96 f250 is perfectly level. I avoided using a sketchy big lift block this way plus it rides so much better! I will say though the 4.5" flip pushed the wheel very noticeably forward in the wheel well so I had to custom fab the lift blocks to move the axle 1 1/4 inch rearwards on the springs, no big deal though. Great product!

Jeff Talley
6 inch Ford leaf spring hanger kit

I cannot emphasize enough the quality of the parts in this kit. Everything fit perfectly. I was able to install this in one afternoon. I no longer have the stupid rear lift blocks and the truck rides amazing. I would highly recommend any parts from Sky Offroad Design.

Ed S
The right size

After completing the front of my super duty leaf and axle swap, these two inches of rear lift is waht my truck needed to sit level.