80-96 Ford F-150/Bronco 4x4 SAS Kit

$ 460.00

Part Number: FORD-SAS-BF150-36.5-OBSsprings
What it is:
A simple leaf spring solid axle conversion for the 80-96 era Ford Bronco and F-150 platform.   A basic time saving weld on solid axle conversion for the Ford F-150 and Bronco coil sprung TTB ( Twin Traction Beam ) 4x4 trucks.  Basically a DIY kit of hard parts that will save a ton of fab time.

What it does:
Converts the coil sprung Bronco F-150 to a 36.5 wide spring center Dana 60 or custom axle using 92-97 Ford 52.5" Long by 3" wide leaf springs.   We now offer the option of a wider spring perch center kit that fits the 99-04 Super Duty axle 37.5" wide perch.

What it includes:
1- Front hanger
2-rear shackle hangers ( Ford-Fssh-001) 
2- shackles 3/8" thick and 4.25" Eye-Eye

Other Components We Offer: 
- Steering - Conversion Brake lines - Bilstein Shocks


The donor axle can be a Dana 44 F-250 axle with spring pads moved to 36.5 width, and converted to 5 lug f-150 outer components. This will allow you to keep the factory rear axle.
Kit will be a shackle reverse design, it will effectively sit the same height as a stock F-350 with a 3" shackle reversal. Any lift spring added to this will be additional lift. Kit will sit the Bronco F-150 platform aprx 4" over stock height on factory stock springs.


Fairly simple, yet still some-what DIY. The front hanger will sit against the factory sway bar mounts on the frame if using 92-97 leafs. Aprx 4" forward if using Super Duty 99-04 leafs. Square it side to side and double check off rear spring bolts it is square. Verify your frame is square as well.
Measure back 50.5" and this will be where the shackle hanger eye will want to sit. Weld or bolt the shackle hangers in place. Hang shackles and start bolting the axle under.


We have had a few customers ask about using a 99-04 Super duty front axle, as they are plentiful and inexpensive. We now offer this option. The front hanger is wider, rear shackles are offset. Kit fits the 37.5 wide 99-04 Super Duty axle. It uses the 92-97 front springs with 9/16ths bolts. You can use super duty springs with minor mods, we offer the option of which hardware pack you need above. Super duty leafs will have an 18mm front eye and 5/8ths rear eye. We offer a sleeve to press into the front spring bushing eye to drop 9/16ths and rear shackles with 5/8ths eyes. If using the 99-04 Super Duty springs, you will need to position the front hanger 4" forward of the 92-97 spring location.

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