Chevy / Ford/ Domestic Leaf Spring Hangers

Sold As a Pair

Chevy/Ford or Domestic leaf spring hangers, 3 inch or 3.5 ID, tapered to slide over rocks.
1/2 inch pilot bolt holes. Can be drilled for 9/16ths, 5/8ths and more as needed. Eye is 2.25 inch's from top flat of the mount.

Not a stock mount from another vehicle, saves hours over building your own.

6" of top length allows plenty of weld on the frame, much more than similar designs. This also allows the "ramp" to be angled more than almost strait for sliding over obstacles with ease.

Constructed of laser cut and CNC formed 1/4 plate steel.

This is the exact bracket used in our Chevy CSP 63" leaf swap kits designed in 1999!

Shipped as raw steel.

Made by Sky's in the USA!