Chevy S-10 Transfer Case CrossMember (For SAS)

Custom Tubular Transmission / Transfer case crossmember for S-10.

Provides more clearance for drive shaft. The stock crossmember was never meant for the drive shaft to move.

Designed for stock S10 transmission / transfer case in stock location.

Needed for vehicles with solid axle conversions.

Important: Check your frame measurement. Inside frame measurement must be 34.92"

*NON-ZR2 Model


Made from PnO Steel and DOM Tubing

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cameron Ferguson
SAS crossmember

It was really good quality but an absolute fight to get in. I had to bend the passenger side a lot in order for it to go in. Also, you'll need shorter bolts than the stock crossmember.

Tim gerding
Fits great

Fits great but I have a np208 case not the stock s10 and it had to be modified but was not hard at all. If you can cut and weld, its still worth getting. Better then starting from scratch and now driveshaft angle is better because the front yoke on np208 is lower then stock s10 case

Bryce King
Worked great

Fits perfect. Everything lined up like it should.