Build your own Dana Steering Kit

   Please note: These tie rod ends are sold in pairs (1 LH and 1 RH Tie Rod end, inserts and jam nuts). Update the quantity of pairs needed in your shopping cart.


    Sky's has put together a kit to help customers who want to build their own tie rod and drag link for various Dana type axle applications. These will fit all GM solid axles, Dodge 1 ton axles, 78-79 Ford F-150-F-350 axles, Jeep Wagoner axles.

    Reaming of tie rod tapers on knuckles and pit man arms of pretty much anything will make them work as well. We now machine Gm taper certs for this application if needed.

    We have combined a left and right 7/8ths x 18 GM style tie rod end, with 2 jam nuts, and 2 inserts. Inserts fit 1.5 .250 wall DOM tube. Inserts od where it fits tube is .995, if you want to use thinner chrome moly tube. **We now machine these inserts with a hexagonal head to allow use of a standard wrench as opposed to a pipe wrench when adjusting your tie rid or drag link.**

    Taper is GM 1 Ton tie rod end, common part # 2010L and 2010R. Ends are designed with a larger casing than common store bought ends, allowing for additional deflection, up to 27 degree.

It is recommended that to install the tube insert a Tig welder is used, if using a wire feed, never-seize the tie rod end, install into insert and weld as a unit, allow to cool.

Please note, Sky's does not use inserts in the steering kits we build, we machine thread the tube, thus being slightly stronger while using a smaller OD tube.