Threaded Tube Inserts

Threaded tube inserts allow the custom fabricator a cost effective solution to building steering kits, link suspensions, traction bars and more. Many applications exist where length is critical but unknown, and a threaded tube simply won't satisfy lead time requirements.

We have a variety inserts and jam nuts for almost every application. Our threaded tube inserts are made in house here in the USA from top quality steel!

Our 7/8" inserts are machined with a hexagonal head. This allows use of a standard wrench instead of a pipe wrench when adjusting your tierod or draglink.

We carry popular 3/4x16 LH and RH for Hiem joint applications. 7/8x18 for GM tie rod and drag link ends, commonly 2234R, 2010 L and R, 2027 and 2026 ends. 7/8x14 RL for hiem joints. 23mm RL for FJ-80 Tie Rod Ends.

CNC machined from 1018 steel, and test fitted, Inserts fit 1.00 ID tube.