Toyota 1 Inch Body Lift Kit

Application: 79-95 Toyota Pickups and 84-89 4Runners


CNC machined black UHMW body blocks have proven to be perfect for this application, the kit comes with all bolts, nuts, washers, and body blocks. You will receive extra 3/8ths hardware, depending on year of vehicle you will use either the longer or shorter bolts, or a combination of both.

Toyota Pickup 1” Body Lift
14 1" Body Blocks
8 1/2-20-2.5" Bolts
16 1/2 Washers
8 1/2 Nylocks
6 3/8-16-4" Bolts
4 3/8-16-4.5" Bolts
6 3/8-16 Nylocks
6 3/8 Flat Washers
Toyota 1st Gen 4Runner 1” Body Lift
10 1" Body Blocks
10 3/8-16-4" Bolts
4 3/8-16-4.5" Bolts
10 3/8-16 Nylocks
10 3/8 Flat Washers
Toyota 2nd Gen 4Runner 1” Body Lift
10 1" Body Blocks
4 3/8-16-6" Bolts
4 3/8-16-5" Bolts
2 3/8-16-4" Bolts
10 3/8-16 Nylocks
10 3/8 Flat Washers


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
el pariente tijuana

anyone as the youtube installation for best results

Apparently there is a youtube video!

Pat M
Great kit

Everything was as expected, easy install, wish a 2” was offered but happy with the 1”!

Good to Go

My first body lift and it went well. All the hardware was in the kit and instructions were helpful. I installed new body mount bushings at the same time and didn’t experience any problems, would definitely recommend.

Awesome kit

Just got around to I stalling this kit on my 86 4runner. Everything went smoother than expected and everything fit great. The only challenging part was getting press washers off stock bolts. Grade A kit in my opinion.

Calvin Swanson
Far Less Than Expected

I purchased this kit to install on a 1990 Toyota 4Runner. My goal was to have the body one inch further above the frame than the stock mounts. As the pucks that come with this kit are one inch, that means I have to stack the pucks either between the stock insulators or below - no need to refer to the directions, it isn't covered. The hardware which was supplied was shorter than the stock hardware - you read that right, I'm adding an inch to the material skewered by the bolt, but am expected to use a shorter bolt than stock. I re-used the stock bolts and ended up with a few threads engaged; I guess I'll have to do my own engineering to calculate the length and strength of the necessary bolts.

It would be easy enough to trim the lower insulator (below the frame mount) to suit the factory mounting bolts on the back four mounting points, but the supplied bolts would STILL BE TOO SHORT. I thought about kludging something together to get my required body lift and decided to rely on the professionals...should have gone with the cheap way. At this point the chances of this entire kit ending up hucked into a corner are running about one in two.

Hello, it looks like you actually ordered the TOY-BL-001-PU which is for the pickup. The truck has different body mounts for the bed rather than the rear of a 4Runner. That would be why it didn't fit correctly. In the future we are available by email or phone if you have difficulty, we are happy to help.