Toyota 1 Inch Body Lift Kit

Fits: 79-95 Toyota Pickups and 4-Runners

CNC machined black UHMW body blocks have proven to be perfect for this application, the kit comes with all bolts, nuts, washers, and body blocks. You will receive extra 3/8ths hardware, depending on year of vehicle you will use either the longer or shorter bolts. A combination of both

Toyota 1 inch body lift general instructions

4 runner uses 10 body blocks, pickups use 14
4 runner uses all 3/8ths bolts, pickup uses 6 3/8ths bolts for the cab, 8 ½ inch bolts for the bed.
3/8ths bolts are 4inch long, ½ inch bolts are 2.5 inch long.

Start with the cab on pickups, pull the carpet away from body mounts, remove plastic caps if equipped, loosen bolts. 2 are under the grill, 2 at floor boards of cab and 2 at rear of the cab.

Remove bolts one side at a time, remove large press on washer if equipped, drill if needed to fit 3/8ths bolts, determine which length you will need to use by measuring original hardware. Jack cab up, checking for radiator fan shroud clearance, slotting mounting holes slightly may be needed. Install new 1 inch blocks, set cab down with bolts loose. Repeat other side. Final step, square cab to bed, double check radiator hoes, wires under hood, and tighten bolts.

Check shifter clearance, some Toyota’s have multiple insulator boots, removing all but one generally allows full use of shifters.

Remove bolts, check for tail light wires having enough play to allow 1 inch lift, loosen if needed. Loosen and move filler neck hose and vent tube ¾ inch upwards, tighten clamps, you’ll notice 1st time you fill up if you missed the tighten part of this step. Raise bed, install body blocks, and nuts washers. Square bed, tighten hardware.

4 runners follow same steps, but lift one side of the vehicle at a time and install blocks, leave loose until body is lifted and square to frame, then tighten.

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