Toyota Backing Plate Eliminator

Sold In Pairs. of 2 for 1 front axle.

What does a backing plate eliminator do? It removes the stock brake rotor backing plate on a 79-85 Toyota axle. Will also fit large knuckle Fj-40, FJ-60. 

This makes your front axle much cleaner, allows easier cleaning of brake parts, less chance of getting rocks stuck in brakes, and just looks faster.

This is a simple install, that if your servicing your knuckles at the same time, simply omit the stock backing plate and install the eliminator.

The eliminator is constructed of USA ASTM A36 laser cut plate steel.

Note that you will loose the stock brake line mount. It is possible to grind the pinch welds off the old backing plate and weld to the eliminator or back of the steering arm.