Toyota Chevy 63" Spring Swap Kit Stage 2

$ 229.00

Part Number: TOY-CSPM-001
The Sky's Chevy 63" Toyota Leaf Spring Conversion just got better! Originated in 1998, we have been adding options and building variations of the kit as demand increases!

What It is: Sky's ever-popular 63" Chevy Leaf Swap with properly fitting U-bolt flip kit added, as well as the needed lower 1/2" shock mounts in one easy to purchase kit.

Why you need it: Chevy springs are long, flex well and ride great! Plus, they give you generally 3-4" of lift.

The CSPM kit has all the great features of the CSP kit, with the added convenience options of a U-bolt flip kit and shock mounts. These are basically required parts to install Chevy leafs. The front leaf hangers have a low angle slope to help slide over rocks and trail obstacles. The hangers have a 1/2" bolt eye, which allows the kit to use early Chevy springs as well as Ford leafs. They can be drilled out 9/16" and include both sets of hardware. The rear shackle hangers are our Heavy Duty, fully boxed TIG welded version. Shackles are 3/8" laser cut A50 plate, not braced to allow additional flex and less stress on shackle hangers. Heavy duty 1/4" formed U-bolt plates and grade 8 non-plated, non imported USA made U-bolts to help insure your axle stays under your truck. Shock mounts are notched to fit the axle housing and use a 1/2" bolt.

Depending on upper shock mount, 10-12" shocks will generally be needed.

This kit is fully USA made, utilizes soft Daystar poly bushings, and includes needed hardware.

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