Toyota Chevy 63" Spring Missing Link Kit Stage 3

Our Toyota Chevy Spring Swap Missing Link Kit can save you hours of fabrication time. Designed to use a 2.5 wide domestic spring, 3 inch over all with bushings. Kit is recommended for 63 inch Chevy spring conversion, but can be adapted to other like springs

Kit includes our popular anti inversion missing link shackle kit. The rear upper shackle hanger is our HD design with a domestic bushing size tube using a common Jeep Wrangler bushing.

The front hangers are designed to let you slide over obstacles, also laser cut and formed, 1/4 inch thick plate. Kit comes with needed hardware. Front spring hanger may require drilling to 9/16ths depending on what domestic spring you choose, we include both bolt size's. We have been using this kit to hang 63 inch Chevy springs with excellent results.


*Missing Link Shackle Kit
*Rear Upper HD Shackle Hangers with bushings and sleeves
*Front Under-frame leaf hangers
*2 Bilstein Shocks
*Rear Upper Shock Mount kit with lower shock mount tabs
*Rear U-bolt flip.

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