Toyota Extended Multi-Layer Brake Line Set

Toyota mini truck, solid axle equipped brake lines.

Designed for lifted 3-8" applications.

A set of 3 replaces factory rubber front lines and rear line.

Does not replace factory hard steel lines on the front calipers, these are available separately.
28" Overall Length.

Brake line layers are as follows:

Teflon-Rubber-Stainless Braid-Plastic Protective outer shell

Lines are made in the USA, DOT approved and each line is pressure tested for safety


*Each fitting copies OEM design, which makes the hose fit the application correctly and legally.
*Over 500 different fittings to choose from.
*Fitting joint support feature allows hose to last substantially longer.
*Materials used allow high temperature operation.
*Every hose pressure tested to 3000 psi.
*No adapters necessary, thus avoiding another opportunity for leakage.