Toyota HD Shackle Hangers

Sky's fully boxed heavy duty leaf spring shackle hangers. Use on front or rear of vehicle.

Available in both a Chevy/domestic width as well as a Toyota width. Under frame shackle hangers, sold in pairs.
Includes bushings and sleeves.

Domestic, used to hang springs with a 2.5 wide steel, bushings add .250 per side, for 3 inch over all width. Used in s-10 solid axle kits, Tacoma solid axle kits, many leaf spring rear swap kits.

Toyota have poly bushings and are 2.4" wide to match metric springs, 18mm bolt eye.

TIG welded, laser cut, CNC formed, no crummy stamped out of square parts here.

Toyota hangers have factory 18 mm bushing size, Chevy/Domestic hangers use 1/2 inch bolt sleeve.