Toyota High Steer Combo Kit


Kit includes Sky's Toyota billet steering arms, Tie Rod, Drag Link, all tie rod ends, jam nuts, a pit man arm adapter, and an IFS Steering box, Stabilizer kit and Heavy Duty Box mount kit.

Arms are USA CNC machined Chromoly steel, life time warranty against cracking, snapping, bearing pin failure. Does not cover failure to keep steering knuckle studs tight. We check them daily on the trail. Sky's steering arms have a polished conical washer finish that seats much better than the cast arms on the market.

Links are 1.250" .250 wall USA DOM tube, threaded 23mm with ends installed to insure correct fit and threads.
Heavy duty box mount is USA made, laser cut USA steel, not die stamped off shore parts.

High Steer requires at least a 4 inch suspension lift without using a flat pit man arm and turning the steering box vertical.

Tie rod ends are a non grease able version, we have had much better luck with these then the Russian/Indian grease able version. Fact is, tie rod ends are a wear item, carry spares on the trail.

Steering box is a cleaned, pressure tested, inspected box, 86-95, if you would like a specific year, please call for availability.

Factory box, inspected for wear, cracks, leaks, twisted splines, cleaned. Pit-man arm is included though condition is not covered. We do have a new Forged pit man option as well.

Box has 90 day WARRANTY from purchase date against leaks.

These kits will generally require a 1 week lead time to ship.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Quality Parts!

Installed on my 1985 Pickup, and works great! Everything fit together with no issue. This is a good kit at a good price, but here are some things I learned from install:

I spoke with a Sky rep, and this is really designed to work with their 3F or other thick spring packs. The steering arms are kind of tall, I have ≈1.5" gap between stock springs and tie rod. I drilled spring perches to move axle 1.4" FWD and installed some cheap 3" springs, but the tie rod still contacts oil pan on bumps (only 1" clearance at rest). Do yourself a favor and get some cheap 4" springs or some thick flexy springs.

On my 1985, I didn't install the steering box all the way forward nor vertical. I got the flat pitman arm, and it fit real good ≈1" forward of the rad support and tilted rotated just slightly upward. The tie rod doesn't contact the frame during flex, and I think it will work with axle moved all 3" FWD.
I did have to trim the mounting plates for the flat pitman arm. Minor complaint, but I wish that the IFS mounting kit came with a top plate like the MarlinCrawler one (doesn't actually need it). I did a weekend install so I didn't have time to make one myself.

The IFS steering box is not advertised as rebuilt, but the one I got was great. No steering play to speak of. I did a little extra cleaning, and it painted up real nice. Pro-tip, paint the steering box, drag link, and tie rod after fabricating the mounting plate.

Bargain for top quality

Everything you need in one place. I ran the math vs. other top makers of high steer and this was the best bargain to get everything you need to do the swap. I went with the 3/4 drop cro-mo pitman arm. Beefy as hell. Everything in this kit is substantial if not borderline "overbuilt". Everything as advertised or better. Fit and finish was top notch for raw metal pieces. Shipping time was right on with stated production lag plus shipping time.
Drove for many years lifted with stock push-pull steering (1981 SR5). So happy I finally pulled the trigger on this and that I went with Sky's. Steering is night and day difference. More responsive and no more pulling to the left when I hit the brakes!

Great product!