Toyota 18mm Self Aligning Leaf Spring Hangers

Rear Toyota leaf spring solid hangers.

18mm bolt eye, 2 7/8ths inner width for Toyota 60mm wide springs (combined with bushings 72mm-2.835 in.) These hangers measure 7" front to back where they weld to the frame.

Self aligning design allows simple clamp, square and weld installation. Does not come with hardware.

Tabs on the hanger are designed to be on the outside of the frame.

Tapered design allows hangers to slide over rocks instead of acting like hungry fangs and anchoring themselves to the rocks, logs, other vehicle, etc

Oval angled plug weld holes help spread stress of impacts vs. strait across the frame plug weld designs.

CNC laser cut, CNC formed, mig fixture welded, .250 plate steel, USA Steel, USA Made!

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