Toyota Leaf Spring Hanger Kit

$ 169.00

Part Number: TOY-LSHK-001-4"Shackle

Basic Toyota Rear Leaf Spring Hanger Kit, used for hanging Toyota leaf springs on Toyota mini trucks when running an aftermarket longer spring such the common 56". Can be used to hang Toyota springs on pretty much anything with a flat c channel or box tube type frame.

Will also fit stock springs, such as when replacing rusty or bent hangers as long as 18mm bushings are used.

Kit includes self aligning front leaf hangers, rear shackle hanger with bushing's, 5 inch shackles, and 6 bolts, 4 for the rear and 2 for the front. Kit is designed for 18mm spring eyes which is standard in the aftermarket springs. Kit is commonly used on 56 inch length springs.

Shackles are 3/8" USA PO steel, Hangers are 1/4" USA PO steel, and shackle hangers are fully boxed 3/16" USA PO steel. Kit uses 18mm bolts and ny-loc nuts. Includes poly bushings with shackle hangers.

Kit used with Sky's leaf springs, rear 5 inch, will give you generally 6.250 inch lift. Vehicle weights will cause this to vary.
Use of other springs than Sky's will also cause this to vary and in no way can we estimate actual lift with other springs.

Requires welding and fabrication.

Other parts such as shocks, u-bolts and or flip kit, brakes lines, shock mounts, exhaust modifications may be needed with this kit