Wilwood 260-4893 Master Cylinder Adapter

$ 39.00

Part Number: toy-wma

If you're looking for a great upgrade to add some stopping power to either your Toyota axles or One-Ton setup with smaller Chevy calipers, we have made an adapter to solve your problems!

Made from Billet Aluminum

This adapter is designed do fit a Wilwood 260-4893 Master Cylinder to your 4 bolt Toyota booster's. 84-95 Hilux pickup and 4 runner as well as some Tacoma with the 4 bolt booster.

We chose to offer this adapter in conjunction with our other GM 1-Ton adapter because of the great qualities the Wilwood Master brings to the table.

  • Lighter and smaller in overall size
  • Less prone to leaking
  • Cost effective

We have been running this caliper in our race truck #4521 without any issues!


  • Pushrod adjustment will need to be made to get the correct pedal travel for safe and effective braking.
  • The Wilwood Master uses a metric stud size to mount on the firewall.  We used larger 3/8" bolts. IT WILL NEED TO BE SLIGHTLY DRILLED OUT.
  • This master cylinder comes with fittings to re-flare your existing lines to.