88-97 Ford Rear Hanger Lift Kit 6"

$ 259.00

Part Number: FORD-RHFK-006-Raw

Sky's new Ford Rear 6" shackle flip hanger lift kit is available now!

What it does? Lifts the rear of the truck 6 inches via hangers front and rear.

Fits 88-97 Ford F-150, F-250, F-350 and Bronco 4x4. May possibly fit earlier years-we are searching for info on this!

This kit is intended for consumers who need 6 inches of lift and don't want to have huge stacked blocks or the expense of 6" lift springs. Kit can be used with Sky's smaller front shackle reversal kits and remove the blocks entirely, or combine with lift springs and get a 12" lift.

Kit is designed to keep pinion angle close to stock as possible while lifting the truck.

Kit is designed with a shackle flip to aid in ride quality. Hangers have multiple positions for the springs to mount for helping positioning the axle center line.

Installation requires removal of stock hangers, aligning new hangers and bolting to the frame. Flipping of rear shackle and bolting springs in position. Do not try and install 1 side at a time, you must remove all hangers. After removal, install new brackets loose, push springs side to side to help set square. Install axle, loose, also push side to side to square. After all components have settled, tighten axle u bolts are work up. Failure to follow this process will result in many odd dimensions being off.

Kit includes 1/2 and 7/16" hardware for bolting hanger to frame. Kit is laser cut and cnc formed 1/4 and 3/16" PO steel, USA made!

We have had a few requests regarding purchasing the front hangers of the RHFK to combine with the original RFK-001. Problem is, the RFK-001 is not the correct part to work with the RHFK front hangers, it doesn't work, that's why we don't offer them separate. The way the kit was designed the pinion angle using the RFK 001 will be way off because the hanger is in the wrong position, and the springs won't be in the correct position either, because the mounting points are different between the two.

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