80-97 Ford 5", 6", 7" Hanger and Rear Flip Kits

5", 6" and 7" Lift Rear Shackle Flip Kit replaces both the shackle hanger and the spring hanger.

  • Kit is designed to keep pinion angle close to stock as possible while lifting the truck.
  • Rear shackle flip kits position the shackle downward in order to allow the rear leaf springs to follow a more natural arc instead of fight the leaf spring under compression.
  • The spring hangers have three holes to aid in axle positioning.
  • Noticeable ride improvement.

-Truck: 80-97 Ford F-250/350 and 92-18 E-350  or  80-96 Bronco/F-150 (requires additional drilling)
-Spring: Kits fit the 3.5" overall width spring.

  • 6" and 7" kit uses 4.5" RFK Rear Spring Hangers 5" uses 2" RFK
  • Rear Shackle Flip Bracket
  • Hardware Kit to Bolt to frame. 
  • Reuses factory bolts to attach shackle to hanger.
  • 7" kit includes our 1" lift shackle
Additional Information:

These kits fit the 80-97 Ford F-250-350 platform, and can be modified to fit the Bronco / F-150 by re-drilling the frame mounting bolt holes.

Will not fit 78-79 without re-drilling pattern.

We also offer Heavy Duty Stock Replacement Shackles and 1" Lift Shackles as well

Kit is laser cut and cnc formed 1/4 and 3/16" PO steel, USA made!

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